Core Values

Gino Campana believes in and is committed to:


Gino Campana Core ValuesIn Gino’s eyes, his primary asset is people. His goal is to work together as a team to make careful and thoughtful decisions on community matters, and the government should be brought back to the people. Teamwork and partnership with the Council, City Management staff, and the community are not just words to him; he knows that strong, mutually beneficial relationships are the single most important factor to the successful completion of every project and decision he delivers.


Gino remains true to the core values of honesty and hard work. He maintains the highest ethical standards by “doing the right thing.” Gino’s business and personal life commitments are based on trust and providing a high standard of service, quality, and integrity.


In Gino’s company, he places high importance on the quality of work. “Not only do we focus on quality during the design and construction phases of our projects, our overall goal is to emphasize the quality of life. Hard work and dedication go into each project, creating a long-lasting end result for others to enjoy.”


Gino has a lifelong commitment to our community. “As residents of the communities we work in, we are community minded and people oriented. We believe the success of our projects comes from the relationships we establish with members of our community. We value their feedback and aim to keep their best interest in mind during every aspect of the design process for our projects.” Gino is committed to participating in educational and youth programs, as well as community service organizations.

Gino Campana for Fort Collins City Council“The City’s responsibility is to provide a good infrastructure for businesses in the community. For some, this means reliable and inexpensive electricity. For others, it means a good transportation system (roadways, rail, and buses). With good infrastructure in place, the City can attract businesses that pay a living wage, who are good stewards of our community resources, and who plan to stay in the community for the long haul.”
– Gino