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Gino Campana for District 3 City CouncilGino was born and raised in Fort Collins, after his parents immigrated to Fort Collins from Naples, Italy. His experience and community connection began with his education in the Poudre School District and work alongside his father (locally known as a craftsman and stonemason), and continues today with the leadership of his own small business, Bellisimo, Inc.

Gino married his high school sweetheart Michele in 1993. Together they have four active children: Alexandra, 18; Ariella, 15; Maurizio, 12; and Milana, 10, who are all enrolled in the Poudre School District.

Visionary Developer

Gino is the Founder and President of Bellisimo, Inc., which he established in 1992. He has worked in the construction industry almost his entire life and has been an entrepreneur since the age fifteen.

With his experience in all aspects of construction and development, he makes Bellisimo an end-to-end, one-stop shop with real estate. He establishes and coordinates design-development teams, focusing on the individual needs of each project. His objective is to enhance the value of the project to create diversified and opportunistic real estate investments. He also uses an approach based on Six Sigma principles to eliminate waste and to improve the construction cycle time.

Through past employment, Gino has also gained a variety of experience that complements his construction background. As marketing director at Wedding and Associates for all of Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, he was able to expand his marketing skills to enhance his capabilities in creative design and developing solutions to challenges.

Additionally, he has extensive experience designing projects as a civil engineer. These skills, combined with his background in construction, have allowed Gino to create a stable company that provides distinguished, quality projects.

Gino’s company, Bellisimo, Inc. helped sponsor the first annual Jailbreak 4-Mile Family Run/Walk

On September 22, 2012, the inaugural “Jailbreak” Race was organized by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and benefits the Child Advocacy Center (CAC). While the final expenses and last minute registrations are still being tallied, it appears that the Jailbreak Run will contribute more than $10,000 to the CAC. There were 376 registered participants for the race which awarded first, second and third place prizes in eight age categories for both men and women.

Gino Campana's copmany, Bellisimo, Inc. helped sponsor a 4-mikle family run and walk Gino Campana's copmany, Bellisimo, Inc. helped sponsor a 4-mikle family run and walk

The race started and finished at the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office, and a portion of the route was along Drake Road adjacent to the new Bucking Horse community, being developed by Bellisimo, Inc. In addition to the race itself, the event included exhibits and demonstrations from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office SWAT, K-9, Crime Scene Investigation and Wildland fire teams as well as the Larimer County Search and Rescue Team in addition to exhibits by some of the sponsors.



  • P & Z (2007-current)
  • City Plan Update Advisory Committee (2-year project)
  • Master Transportation Plan Advisory Committee for two terms
  • Mason Street Corridor Plan Advisory Committee
  • City Budget Committee appointed by the Mayor
  • Contractors’ Licensing Committee appointee
  • Historic Preservation Code improvement Committee (current)
  • City’s Energy Code Committee
  • City’s Oil and Gas Advisory Committee (current)
  • Gino Campana coaching in the communityFort Collins Soccer-Arsenal Board
  • Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce Local Legislative Affairs Committee


  • Wrestling coach for over 20 years
  • Regular guest speaker at CSU for the College of Construction
  • Young Entrepreneurs Organization – past
  • Home Builders Association – current
  • American Planning Association – current
  • American Society of Civil Engineers – past
  • Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce – past
  • American Cycling Association – current

Gino Campana for Fort Collins City Council“My objective is to shepherd an agenda through the political process, and that agenda is of equality, balance, inclusion, and fairness that represents everyone.”

– Gino